The Lines…

BMW has introduced their new lines with the new 3 Series: Sport, Luxury, the late Modern, and the new M-Sport. But has this new way of categorizing cars been better or worse?

Well for BMW it has been better. They can charge more money for some basic accenting, as well as make it so that if you want certain options, you have to get certain packages.

However, for the customer, it has been worse. You have to chose a line that not only fits aesthetic tastes, but performance tastes as well. If you want to drive in sport+ mode, then you cannot get a luxury line. If you want chrome grilles, then you cannot get the M Sport line. It forces you to compromise.

The conclusion then is that BMW should learn from….themselves. Yes, with MINI, BMW offers packages, but offers each option individually for the customer to customize. It only makes sense that if on MINI you can get it, and on Rolls you can get it, then you should be able to get it on BMW. Just my $.02


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