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European Delivery: What is it? Is it Worth it?


The European Delivery program allows one to fly to Munich to pickup their car, drive it around, and then hand it back to be delivered locally. So why in the world would anyone opt for this?

Firstly, their is no additional cost to you other than your own transport and travel plans in Europe. You do not pay to ship the car to the US, nor do you have to pay extra to take part in the program. In fact, you save money. Here is an example: A new BMW 320i with no options has an invoice of  $29,945 (not including fees). If you walked in to your dealer, buying a car would take one of the few slots they have, called dealer allocation, meaning that you would likely pay $700 or more over invoice, making the total  $30,645 (not including fees).  The invoice for a European Delivery is $27,895 (not including fees)., but since the dealer does not sell one of its cars, one can buy it for $500 over invoice, making the total $28,395 (not including fees). Therefore, you have saved approximately $2,250 on a base car. The savings would obviously be bigger for a 5 or 7 series.

Granted, one does have to pay for airfare, but BMW has that covered as well. Buy one get one free (with the purchase of a new BMW of course).

Now those of you thinking about leasing may be saying “well…this does not apply to me!” How wrong you are! You can do a European Delivery on a lease as well, and save money!

Therefore, unless you simply don’t have the time or the patience to do a European Delivery, there is no reason not to (assuming you are buying a BMW)!

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Things are looking up?

This past weekend, Bimmerfest was able to actually test out the new 4 Series coupe on the roads of Europe. They traveled various different routes and were therefore able to get a full look at what the 4 series has to offer, and they seem impressed. I’m not so sure…

They use lines such as “The variable sport steering had good feel at highway speeds, and a light feel at slower speeds, making for easy city driving”. This does not inspire much confidence in me. Sure, it will handle better than the current 3-series, but I believe that it will not hold a candle to the e9x and e46 models. But why has BMW gone this route?

Well, they are trying to appeal to a broader audience. Most people want a BMW for the name, sadly. However, things are looking up because I believe that the new 2 series will be sporty, and will handle just as previous 3 series have.

This news then, is a sad end, but a beautiful finish!Image

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