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The BMW i3

The BMW i3 was just announced officially and will be appearing in your local BMW dealer next year. However, the question is should you buy one?

Well, the first question to ask is Do you want an electric vehicle? It can mean very little range, high savings, silent noise, and unknown reliability. If you decide you want one, then the question is which one.

The BMW i3 is competitively priced with the Nissan Leaf, and it is a BMW. While it is unknown how well it will drive (like a BMW or like an electric car), one thing is for certain: it does not look like a BMW.

But for the time being that is good, because most people who want an electric car want to look different, just as when hybrids came out most people wanted to stand out in them. This has changed today, and will change with the electric vehicle as well.

So to those looking to buy it I wish you good luck on negotiating a deal, but remember, Big Brother is always there to help you out for saving the trees.


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The Lines…

BMW has introduced their new lines with the new 3 Series: Sport, Luxury, the late Modern, and the new M-Sport. But has this new way of categorizing cars been better or worse?

Well for BMW it has been better. They can charge more money for some basic accenting, as well as make it so that if you want certain options, you have to get certain packages.

However, for the customer, it has been worse. You have to chose a line that not only fits aesthetic tastes, but performance tastes as well. If you want to drive in sport+ mode, then you cannot get a luxury line. If you want chrome grilles, then you cannot get the M Sport line. It forces you to compromise.

The conclusion then is that BMW should learn from….themselves. Yes, with MINI, BMW offers packages, but offers each option individually for the customer to customize. It only makes sense that if on MINI you can get it, and on Rolls you can get it, then you should be able to get it on BMW. Just my $.02


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European Delivery: What is it? Is it Worth it?


The European Delivery program allows one to fly to Munich to pickup their car, drive it around, and then hand it back to be delivered locally. So why in the world would anyone opt for this?

Firstly, their is no additional cost to you other than your own transport and travel plans in Europe. You do not pay to ship the car to the US, nor do you have to pay extra to take part in the program. In fact, you save money. Here is an example: A new BMW 320i with no options has an invoice of  $29,945 (not including fees). If you walked in to your dealer, buying a car would take one of the few slots they have, called dealer allocation, meaning that you would likely pay $700 or more over invoice, making the total  $30,645 (not including fees).  The invoice for a European Delivery is $27,895 (not including fees)., but since the dealer does not sell one of its cars, one can buy it for $500 over invoice, making the total $28,395 (not including fees). Therefore, you have saved approximately $2,250 on a base car. The savings would obviously be bigger for a 5 or 7 series.

Granted, one does have to pay for airfare, but BMW has that covered as well. Buy one get one free (with the purchase of a new BMW of course).

Now those of you thinking about leasing may be saying “well…this does not apply to me!” How wrong you are! You can do a European Delivery on a lease as well, and save money!

Therefore, unless you simply don’t have the time or the patience to do a European Delivery, there is no reason not to (assuming you are buying a BMW)!

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BMW Car Club of America…is it Worth it?


The BMW Car Club of America is a place for BMW owners to get together, talk about their cars, and socialize with others of the same interest: BMWs. But is it worth $48 a year just to socialize? Well, it wouldn’t be if it was just about socialization, but it is so much more than that!

Firstly, you are automatically subscribed to two magazines: Roundel, and your local chapter’s BMW magazine. This provides a plethora of information, as well as allows you to see what local offerings there are.

Secondly, you are able to take advantage of discounts from BMW Performance Driving School to various hotels.

But the biggest reason to join is the savings. After being a member for at least 1 year, you are eligible for anywhere from $500 to $1500 off your new purchase, which is also valid on European Delivery. This is an unbelievable discount.

So in conclusion: If you have a BMW, like BMWs, or plan on getting a BMW after 1 year, the BMW CCA is for you.


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The M4…What is That?

ImageThe new 4 series coupe will be taking over the spot for the old 3 series coupe, and therefore the famous heritage of the M3 will come to an end (unless you get a sedan). But will this pose a potential problem for BMW?

Today, most people by BMWs because they are BWMs, Mercedes because they are Mercedes, and Hondas because they are Hondas. So the question is: it is the same for the M3? Have a good chunk of sales been because of the name versus the performance. While I would argue that most enthusiasts who can actually appreciate the vehicle buy it because of what it can do, I would also argue that most people who buy the M3 buy it for the name.

It is then all up to BMW to attempt to market this car in a positive way, ore else lose their heritage

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Things are looking up?

This past weekend, Bimmerfest was able to actually test out the new 4 Series coupe on the roads of Europe. They traveled various different routes and were therefore able to get a full look at what the 4 series has to offer, and they seem impressed. I’m not so sure…

They use lines such as “The variable sport steering had good feel at highway speeds, and a light feel at slower speeds, making for easy city driving”. This does not inspire much confidence in me. Sure, it will handle better than the current 3-series, but I believe that it will not hold a candle to the e9x and e46 models. But why has BMW gone this route?

Well, they are trying to appeal to a broader audience. Most people want a BMW for the name, sadly. However, things are looking up because I believe that the new 2 series will be sporty, and will handle just as previous 3 series have.

This news then, is a sad end, but a beautiful finish!Image

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