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The BMW i3

The BMW i3 was just announced officially and will be appearing in your local BMW dealer next year. However, the question is should you buy one?

Well, the first question to ask is Do you want an electric vehicle? It can mean very little range, high savings, silent noise, and unknown reliability. If you decide you want one, then the question is which one.

The BMW i3 is competitively priced with the Nissan Leaf, and it is a BMW. While it is unknown how well it will drive (like a BMW or like an electric car), one thing is for certain: it does not look like a BMW.

But for the time being that is good, because most people who want an electric car want to look different, just as when hybrids came out most people wanted to stand out in them. This has changed today, and will change with the electric vehicle as well.

So to those looking to buy it I wish you good luck on negotiating a deal, but remember, Big Brother is always there to help you out for saving the trees.


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